Zauna’s Story

I was referred to Wood Street Mission by an outreach support worker and it was a big relief as I didn’t know where to turn. I was new to the area, I had nothing, and so much worry, I didn’t know how I was going to cope. We are on a low income as a family, my husband works full time but it is agency work / factory jobs and not secure. 

Day to day there are numerous struggles for my family. Buying groceries you look for the cheapest which is often the lowest quality, just so you can get something. It is not easy to satisfy the children – they can’t go on school trips, I have to say no because of the cost. When the children ask for things I can’t afford you give one excuse or the other as to why they can’t have it, and you have to see the sadness on their faces.

Sometimes the children don’t understand the situation, why they can’t have something, other times they’re resigned to the fact they can’t go somewhere or do something. They ask “all my friends have this or that, why can’t I have it?” My daughter turned 13 earlier this year. It was really tight financially at the time so we couldn’t do anything – even a gift. She said it was her worst day ever – it’s so hard for a mum to hear that.

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