For Referrers

Our Family Basics and Smart Start projects are now open

Are you working with a family on a low income that you think need a bit of extra help?

Do they live in Manchester or Salford?

How does our referral system work?

Wood Street Mission’s main aim is to reduce child poverty and we will consider all families where the referring worker believes that family income falls below the family’s basic needs and where other factors apply.

Families need to be referred to Wood Street by a professional who knows their circumstances well – for example, someone at the child or children’s school, a social worker, health visitor, midwife, or support worker:

Smart Start, our free school uniform programme is back and orders will be accepted from Tuesday 3rd May.

Uniform is distributed on a first come first served basis but there is only so much to go around so we recommend getting in touch and completing the forms as soon as possible.

In order to access this service, each family MUST have – 

  • a current Wood Street referral
  • a Smart Start Order Form for each child

All our services are free for families to access, however we are a charity and rely on donations to provide the help we do, so cannot guarantee the level of support we can offer. Please can you help us in managing the expectations of families by explaining this when you refer them to us.

If the family you are working with needs help in an emergency please call us.

Please ring any of the team for advice or clarification if anything is not clear on 0161 834 3140.