Trustee (Voluntary)

Despite all the challenges, the superb staff alongside the Trustees of Wood Street Mission remain committed to improving the lives and life-chances of the children of Manchester and Salford, so they can grow up to fulfil their potential.

We are looking for a new Trustee, someone who is as excited about working with this iconic Charity as we are.

This successful charity has five main projects:

Family Basics

Smart Start

Books Forever

Memorable Christmas experiences

Whether you are an experienced Trustee or want to take your first steps on a board of committed Trustees, we’d love to hear from you.

The skills of our new Trustee

We hope our new Trustee will have skills in one or more of the following areas: lived experience, working with people in poverty, working in a charity, business or organisation which brings them in to contact with people in need, empathy with the strategic direction of this Charity.

The expected time commitment is 6 meetings each year of approximately 2 hours per meeting, time to read all the papers before the meeting and to attend a full Induction Day.

 If you are interested in this post, feel it is something you would enjoy and that you would be able to contribute, please contact Des Lynch ( to arrange an informal chat or receive an application pack.