Donate Items

Update 5th May 2021

Due to the fantastic support that we have received from our donors, Wood Street is at the moment full to capacity and as such we are unable to book any additional collections or accept donations at the door.  We shall keep the situation under review and update you as soon as we can.  Many thanks for your support, understanding and patience. 

If you are able, you can make a secure donation online. Your support is so important to us as we will be able to purchase brand new toys and books for the children that we support.

If you would like to get in touch about fundraising to support us, please email

Items We Need

Brand New children’s clothing for ages 2-16

Good quality secondhand children’s clothing for ages 2-16

Brand new children’s underwear and socks for ages 2-16

Brand new children’s shoes


Cot Beds

High Chairs

Moses Baskets

Safety Gates


Prams/Buggies (no side by side double buggies)

Changing Mats

Baby Baths 

Brand new and secondhand children’s books 

Items We Can't Accept

Secondhand underwear or socks 

Side by side double buggies 

Car Seats unless they are part of a Travel System

Adult clothing 

Secondhand shoes 


Toys new or secondhand 

Baby clothing 

Opened packs of nappies 

Are you from a company who is interested in making a donation? Please get in touch!