Wood Street Heroes – Glenbrook Property

What made you want to support Wood Street Mission?

We wanted to support the community in which we are based as well as the communities that our developments sit within.

What did you do to support us?

It meant so much to us to be able to offer children something really special before Christmas and especially with the Christmas before being such a difficult one.  When Wood Street asked if we’d like to fund a trip to the theatre as part of their Childhood Experiences project, we jumped at the chance.

What was it about the Childhood Experiences project that you liked / made you want to support it?

When discussing the different projects and how they benefit the children, we really wanted to help give them the experiences many of us have growing up that stay with you. A lot of these experiences can shape who you are and what you want to do in life, so it was a project we were keen to support.

How did you get your team involved with supporting the project?

Since we started supporting Wood Street, members of the team have been to take a look around and seen the set up and the volunteers working. It’s amazing to see how families feel welcome when they arrive and smooth the process is for them. Not only have we made donations we raised money with our lockdown challenges, such as step challenges and press up challenges.

What was the most fun or rewarding part of supporting us?

Receiving the feedback from the children after their trip to the theatre at Christmas was especially rewarding, to see what they took away from the experience and how much they enjoyed themselves.

Tell us about how you supported our Christmas and Books Forever project appeal with your company donation.

Through our CSR programme we donated £5,000 towards the Christmas and Books Forever projects.  Every child deserves a special Christmas and books are such a key part of education, again, every child should have equal access to these essential items.