Post Your Memory

14th August 2018

We are always looking to document our past, by collecting memories from those who used Wood Street Mission's services, volunteered or donated to us over the years.

Maybe you received a toy at Christmas time, enjoyed a seaside holiday or used our gym in the 1980s? Post your memory to us on one of our specially designed postcards and we will use it to raise awareness about child poverty in the run up to our Anniversary in 2019.



My mother was born in Hulme in 1920, one of 15 children. As a child she would walk with her brothers and sisters to Wood Street Mission for food, clothing and shoes.

I remember going to Blackpool to Squires Gate Holiday Camp and two friends got diphtheria and had to stay longer. I cannot remember how old I was. But the kindness has made me do lots for charity.

Discos in the 1960s on the cusp of adulthood. Bliss! Friends made then are friends to this day.


Call 0161 834 3140 or email to share your memory or to request one of our Post Your Memory postcards, or you call fill in our online version below and send to us by email.