….and that’s a wrap for 2022!

23rd December 2022

What a month it's been. After 2 years of Covid and the restrictions that came with it, this year we've an economic crisis that has practically floored the country. Despite these pressures, you, our wonderful supporters have responded to our Christmas Appeal in your droves. We can honestly say that the level of donations this year has been phenomenal. 
Each year we think it can't get any better but you always continue to surprise us. Our regular supporters have been incredible harnessing gifts and donations, individuals and children have collected thousands of toys and new supporters who have read about our work or visited our city have pledged their ongoing support as well as gifting some wonderful delights.
Our social media channels have been full of gratitude and thanks to numerous organisations of which there are too many to mention.  I would like to personally thank the 200 volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure every family visiting has a positive and happy experience as well as Karina and her team from Menagerie who ensured everywhere looked stunningly festive.
We're still working out exactly how many children will benefit from your kindness this Christmas but we've helped over 1,100 families come through our doors, leaving laden with goodies and a renewed happiness.
The families we help, have suffered so much over the last couple of years and the worry of even more cuts and rising inflation is a constant worry.  To be able to alleviate just some of that stress through our projects makes a huge difference and we can only pass on how much it means to each one of them to have the support of their community. 
So as we close our doors today until 3rd January, I want to say thank you.  Thank you for your unfailing generosity this Christmas and throughout the year.  YOU make a difference to a child's life every single day. 
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful 2023. 

Des Lynch