Ahmed’s Story

Back home I was a successful engineer and with a scholarship I came to study in the UK for a Masters Degree. I brought my wife and two young children and supported them through my degree. I completed my Masters and returned to my home country. It was in a continued state of political unrest, and I was accused of being a spy for Britain or working with Da’ish – who during my time studying had occupied many areas of my home country. I had to return to the UK and seek asylum. This means I am not permitted to take employment in the UK, even though I have been offered two well paid jobs. We exist on a small allowance each day.

I take my children to school every day and to occupy my time I read to improve my English. Wood Street have helped with everything my children need and more. They have also helped me psychologically – I feel happy and relaxed at Wood Street, and safe and secure in my community. Wood Street Mission helps alleviate the stress and pressure I feel that I can’t provide for my children. Nothing would make me happier than being able to give my family the things they need and want, but at the moment I don’t have a choice.

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