A Smart Start for local children

10th September 2022
Earlier this week, thousands of children across the region returned to school for the new term. A date that's been etched in the minds of families who are struggling to make ends meet. Another financial worry about how on earth they were going to be able to afford new uniform along with sports kit, bags and other 'back to school' essentials.
Our Smart Start school uniform campaign has been running over the summer and thanks to our wonderful supporters, both individuals and organisations who have donated to our appeal we received an incredible amount of items. Hundreds of donations of brand new uniform, back packs, pencil cases, stationery, winter coats, alongside financial contributions too.
As a result were have been able to help over 1,000 families with uniform orders so far this year, which equates to approximately 2,400 children, and we are still processing orders!
Smart Start has over the years, been a 'seasonal' project but patterns have changed, families circumstances have changed and one thing we are good at is adapting to need. We are now looking to make this a project that runs all year round, so we can be more reactive to families’ needs, especially given the changing situation with the cost of living crisis
By expanding this project beyond the summer months we will be able to help families avoid the need to order uniform all at the same time, making it a huge expense in one go. We hope this will ease any pressure that families experience before the new school year.
As life evolves so will we. Thank you for your support.