2024 Books Forever Appeal

17th June 2024
We have received a wonderful response to our 2024 Books Forever Appeal, with our fantastic supporters donating over 6,000 new books for local children, plus a variety of second-hand books too. We have also received an incredible £23,000 towards the Appeal from our corporate friends. 
At our Book Roadshows we take both new and good quality second hand children’s books into the school, so it’s great to have such a brilliant supply of new and pre-loved titles to see us through the coming months, thanks to your support.

So far in 2024 we’ve held six Book Roadshows at different schools and children’s centres, distributing over 8,600 books to more than 1,800 children.

Our Roadshows aim to overcome the barriers to reading that children living in low-income families face. In turn, this can improve their literacy skills, as well as developing a real love of reading, that we hope will last a lifetime.

Books can also provide a respite from everyday life, and one teacher told us that “some of [their pupils] don’t have the best home life so it’s pure escapism for them. If you hear mum and dad arguing you can just delve into a book and get that out of your head”.

Books are also available to families attending our Family Basics project, which they can access up to four times in the year. We also supply books for younger pre-school readers through installing community bookshelves or running “mini-Roadshows” in children’s centres such as Sure Start.

We couldn’t run our Books Forever project without the kind donations from our supporters – your help is absolutely vital and makes a real difference in making books more accessible to children in our community.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to donate.