SmartStart – School Uniform

Through SmartStart we help families meet some of the costs of going to school. During the summer families can order new non-branded school uniform items that their children need, in time for back to school in September. For the rest of the year, we aim to provide the following through new and good quality used donations. Families can then to choose from these when they visit our Family Basics room:

  • Non-branded (ie no school logo) school uniform items including jumpers, sweatshirts, cardigans, skirts, pinafores, trousers, polo shirts, shirts, blouses, in all standard school colours and age ranges
  • Sports kit such as shorts, tshirts, hoodies, joggers, fleeces, trainers and plimsolls
  • Stationery like pencil cases, pens, folders, maths sets, calculators and dictionaries
  • Dressing up costumes suitable for school events like World Book Day
  • Useful everyday items like new socks, new underwear, hats, gloves, lunchboxes, school bags and sports bags.

If you think you may need help through the SmartStart project, please visit our For Families page which will tell you what to do next to be referred to us, or ask someone supporting your family to visit our For Referrers page. All our services are free for families to access.

How You Can Help

Many families have to cut back on day to day basics or get into debt to be able to afford the costs of uniform and other kit to send their children back to school. SmartStart aims to help alleviate pressure on families at an expensive time of year, and enable children from low income families to fit in and achieve at school. To be able to provide this support, we need:

  • Your donations of clean, good quality, used and new school uniform and other school items.
  • Hold a collection for items at your work, church or school – you can use our SmartStart Supporter Leaflet and Poster.
  • You can also choose to make a financial donation below. We rely on donations to provide this and other services to families.