Christmas 2020 Update – 16th October

16th October 2020

We had hoped to be able to give you some good news this week about our Christmas project being relocated somewhere really special. Hence the fun Woody photographs being posted on social media etc. Unfortunately the changes with Government recommendations/restrictions has meant that our plans have had to change once again. We are incredibly grateful to the people who had tried so hard to make this happen and we’re all as disappointed as each other. One way or another we’ll make sure our families don’t go without this Christmas but please bear with us whilst we try to iron out Plan B, or is it C??
We are not making appointments for families just yet but we will post further info next week. In the meantime we will be appealing for new toys and gifts for the children and again we’ll keep you updated as to drop-off points over the coming days.
Thanks for your patience and as always, we hope you’re all staying safe and keeping well.