Egg-stra Special Thank You!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated Easter Eggs and other Easter treats and gifts this year. We were, as ever, overwhelmed with the response we received. 

Too many to list everyone who donated but particular thanks to regular supporter Ian Jolley who collected a fantastic 250 Easter Eggs & 100 chocolate treats on our behalf, 8 year old Samuel Dobkin, a student at Manchester Grammar, who collected a whopping 359 eggs from his friends, family and local community, and Santander who collected over 700 eggs - amazing! Thanks also to Albert’s who acted as drop off points again for us.

They have all been found good homes - the families we help struggle to afford treats for their kids so it’s a nice way to put a smile on a child's face.  


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When you ask for Sausage Dogs and you get Batman!!! What a talent. Big thank you to Si and Stevie for their help.

7 hours ago

Are you one of those super talented people that can create a sausage dog (other designs would obviously be marvello…

15 hours ago

RT @jrf_uk: We must right the wrong of in-work poverty in the UK. By allowing people to keep more of what they earn on #UniversalCredit, th…

17 hours ago

An interesting read to end the weekend. Hope you’ve had a goodun

1 day ago

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