Tins and Treats

All families referred for help at Christmas receive a bag of food to help them over the holidays. 

This year we are planning to give all families the equivalent of a day's food - three meals - plus Christmas treats.

That's a lot of food given we will be helping over 2000 families!  

You can help us achieve our target by donating any of the following non-perishishable food items:

Tins of meat /fish/ beans

Tins of soup  - vegetarian or meat based

Tins of fruit and vegetables

Puddings such as creamed rice 

Long life milk or juice 

Packets of rice and pasta, plus sauce

Jam or marmalade

Chocolate, sweets, cake

Please remember all food must be in date with a best by date of January 2016.  We start distributing to families on 7 December so the sooner you can get food to us the better. 

For more information contact sophie@woodstreetmission.org.uk

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Another heartbreaking article about poverty right on our doorstep. Pop in for a chat with us @samyarwood89 and we https://t.co/o1x1LCGQIV

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Hi our chocolate doors are closed now I'm afraid as we're busy getting them all out and about to the families and o https://t.co/Gp4IKIBnbO

2 hours ago

You are very welcome, we know what a difference this will make to you all. Enjoy. https://t.co/iS3ZwXLTA3

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Oooh good luck everyone and hope it goes well https://t.co/ZB48c7Vrts

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