Christmas Appeal A Great Success

Our Christmas Appeal Christmas Should Be About More than Survival has been a great success.

The Appeal generated a huge amount of support from across Greater Manchester and raised thousands of pounds worth of new toys, tons of food and about £45,000.

We were touched by the number and nature of donations - the pensioners who donated their winter fuel payments, the school in a deprived area of the city which sent a van load of food,  the entire office which sacrificed its Christmas bonus to donate to our Appeal.

As usual, we got great support from many businesses and professional firms in the city which contributed both goods and volunteers to help us distribute them.

This meant we were able to help over 2000 families and 4,500 children living in poverty in Manchester and Salford - the highest number yet - by giving them new toys and food "hampers" to help them participate in festivities.

This year larger families received two bags of food to help them cope with high basic living costs.

The message of our Appeal was that Christmas should be a break from the routine struggle and hardship many young families face. Thanks to all our donors and supporters who made this happen for thousands of them.

Our Appeal Christmas Should Be About More Than Survival featured in the Society Guardian. Read the article here.










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