Can you spare an hour of your time to help us?

The recession and the cuts have hit vulnerable families hard. More parents than ever before are struggling to make ends meet and turning to Wood Street Mission for help. At the same time, families across the region are tightening their belts, cutting back and mending or making do, which means that we're receiving fewer donations of clothing, bedding and baby equipment. These two factors combined mean that we are running drastically low on stocks of clothing and other items and families who are in dire need are having to wait weeks and weeks for help from Wood Street. In particular, our shelves are completely bare of any clothing for children aged 4-9 years, for both boys and girls.

Can you help us and the familes we support by spreading the word about Wood Street Mission? We're looking for people across our collection area to spare us just an hour or so to deliver 100 leaflets to homes in their local community. We desperately need more donations and for that we need more donors. It's vital that more people know about our work and how they can make a real difference, just by having a spring clean of their wardrobes at home. 

If you'd like to volunteer for Wood Street Miision by deivering some leafletys please contact the office for more information.

As always, thank you for all your support!

P.S. You can also help spread the word about Wood Street Mission by putting up a poster at your local nursery, GP's, community centre, gym or workplace or simply by sharing this appeal on Facebook, Twitter, etc. For more information about the different ways you can get involved please contact us.


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