Shiver Me Timbers!

We held a cracking Book Club in Little Hulton, the first of two happening this February half term. It was heartwarming to see the children so engaged in their books. They also absolutely loved colouring in their Pirate and Princess masks (who needs a PlayStation when you can get back to basics!).

Most importantly being there today introduced us to new families who will go on to be referred to us for support in the future. 

We know that there are still so many families out there who need our help. The hope is that with more outreach activities, such as our Book Clubs, we can really start to make a difference to those hard to reach families. 

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When you ask for Sausage Dogs and you get Batman!!! What a talent. Big thank you to Si and Stevie for their help.

7 hours ago

Are you one of those super talented people that can create a sausage dog (other designs would obviously be marvello…

15 hours ago

RT @jrf_uk: We must right the wrong of in-work poverty in the UK. By allowing people to keep more of what they earn on #UniversalCredit, th…

17 hours ago

An interesting read to end the weekend. Hope you’ve had a goodun

1 day ago

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