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Our 2016 book clubs will have a literary focus with each event focusing on books by a different acclaimed children’s author.

The events, held during holidays and half term breaks, promote reading and literacy to children and their parents by distributing books free, and engaging families in fun reading based activities.

There are colouring activities, story-times for different age groups, and an IT table where children can use tablets with literacy apps.

The February half-term event in Cheetham Hill will be a Lauren Child themed event. Child is best known for her Charlie and Lola books, but she has also written books for older children including Clarice Bean and Ruby Redfort series.

The event is funded by BASF as part of its 150th Anniversary celebrations.  

Research has shown that children who read for fun outside of school are more likely to become confident readers which is key to doing well at school and growing up to fulfil their potential.  

Children in low income households sometimes have few books at home so the events make a practical difference, as well as highlighting the importance of reading to improve children’s life chances.

The book club is on Friday 19 February 10.00 – 12.30 in the building of the Hope Worldwide, 9 Derby Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester M8 8QE.

Want to donate books? We will be distributing copies of Lauren Child books at the event as well as books suitable for children aged 0 – young adults. You can drop books off to our central Manchester office before Thursday 18 February.

Want to organise a collection in your home or office. Download our Books Are GRRReat poster here to help publicise it.

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