Helping Children at Christmas since the 1870s

Wood Street Mission has been helping local families at Christmas time since the 1870s.

Over the years we have distributed toys at Christmas to tens of thousands of local children - something remembered vividly by the children many decades later.

One former service user told us: "We got all our toys from you people at Wood Street Mission and those were the best Christmases for our family".

This iconic image is of one of the members of the management committee dressed as up as Santa Claus on Wood Street in the 1930s. 

You can donate to our Christmas Appeal by sending a customised Wood Street Mission Christmas card through Card Aid.

Go to Card Aid's website at for more information and to view their online customising tool.

If you want to order cards with the Wood Street Mission Santa you will need to contact Card Aid on 020 7794 9835 and let them know you want to use the image. They have the photograph and a copy of our logo.

Because of the cost of printing a dedicated card this is quite an expensive option. Customised e-cards are obviously cheaper.

You can also choose one of Card Aid's own stock images, with or without a customised greeting, and stipulate that you want the charity donation to go to us.

We will ensure all the money raised from card sales goes towards our Christmas Appeal.  

For more information contact Janet at the office on 0161 834 3140  





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